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The SR PMVs were very popular as conversions for the engineers, early ones being done immediately post WW2 and later ones up to the early 1980s. Plenty for everyone here, including SECR origins.
Army47660 SR1312Army47760 SR1312 [B1]Army47760 SR1312 [B2]ADS4 packing van [1]ADS4 packing vanKDS13 QPV [1]KDS13 QPV [2]DS31 QPBDS90 QPWDS143 QRW [1]DS143 QRWADS144 QPVDS146DS151 QPVADS154 QRW [1]ADS154 QRWDS154 QRW [2]DS157 [1]DS157ADS157 [1]

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