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The SECR introduced a single ballast brake (illustrated here) in 1914 which became a standard design on the SR with 3 built in 1932 and 8 by BR in 1949. These vans were long lived, as all were equipped with vacuum brake. A drawing is in Bixley et al SECR wagons.
DS62031 ZUVDS62523 ZUV SECR [2]DS62523 ZUV SECR [3]DS62523 ZUV SECRDS62523 ZUV SECR endDS62523 ZUV SECR ploughDS62523 ZUV SECR rightDS62857 ZUV SRDS62857 ZUV Shark @ Ebbw Junction 80-09-09 � Paul Bartlett wDS62858 ZUW SR bwDS62858 ZUW SRDS62860 ZUV SR [1]DS62860 ZUV SR [2]DS62861 ZPV SRDS62862 ZUV SR [1]DS62862 ZUV SR [2]DS62863 ZUV SR [1]DS62863 ZUV SR [2]DS62863 ZUV SR [3]DS62863 ZUV SR Shark ballast brake van Diag 1749 @ Exeter Riverside 82-07-26 © Paul Bartlett w

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