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The SRly had few SCW, and only two designs persisted into the 1960s and by at least 1959 all were in engineers use, flatrols and lowmacs. They had long lives. Collection includes some details.
081807ADS61091 LOWMAC SD ZXO082049 [exS61092]ADS61095 LOWMAC [1]ADS61095 LOWMAC [2]DS61098 LOWMAC SD [2]DS61098 LOWMAC [1]DS61098 LOWMACDS61107 ZVR [1]DS61107 ZVR [2]DS61107 ZVR [3]DS61107 ZVR [4]DS61107 ZVR [5]DS61107 ZVR [6]DS61107 ZVR [7]DS61107 ZVR [8]DS61107 ZVR [9]DS61151 ZXR LOWMAC SD [0]DS61151 ZXR LOWMAC SD [1]DS61151 ZXR LOWMAC SD [2]

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