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The distinctive roof profile of the SR van identifies them. Some have a clasp brake, and others drop link vacuum brake. Includes a few earlier vans.
8112 [DS43241] conserved Bluebell Railway 75-07-10080407ARMY47574DS489S43178 = 080132S45582 = 041243 [1]S45582 = 041243 [2]S45582 = 041243 [3]S45767=080697 SECR15750DS47742 [1]DS47742 [2]DS47742 [3]DS47742 [7]DS47742 [4]DS47742 [5]DS47742 [6]S48367=082268=DS421ADS48564TDS48678=041276 VANFITS49004=CDS1818=083508 [2]

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