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A few photographs around Staines Central including road vehicle trailers, Maunsell coach as office, goods shed, signals, BRCW type 3.
I have added some of the photographs of wagons in the yards - quite an interesting variety - some of my earliest photographs.Bob Essery had written about going to your local yard and studying the wagons, so I did.
Staines had 3 different freight yards. On the north side of the approach from London was a mileage yard - see the Rectanks. (Converted to carriage sidings in 1974) Connected to it by its own line beneath the bridge and behind the up platform was the large wood goods shed and coach as an office. On the down side and inside the curve towards Ascot was the larger open yard, in the 1960s largely used for steel and containers. No coal traffic in my days, this was handled at Ashford, the next station down the line.
Goods shed Staines CentralMaunsell officeInner up signal StainesOuter up signal StainesT4538S road trailerUnidentified road trailer3T 1115 S road trailer5 M.W. S M NCL road trailer @ Staines Central 71-108TL50985D S-D49 road trailer10T 4511 road trailerD6527 (later 33110) at Staines Central 1966D6527  (later 33110) at Staines Central 1966D6529 (later 33112) at Staines Central 67.09.016162 Class A short buffer @ Staines Central 69-03-23 � Paul Bartlett wB450737__m_B453227 LOWFITDB483709_drop__m_

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