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A few photographs around Staines Central including road vehicle trailers, Maunsell coach as office, goods shed, signals, BRCW type 3.
I have added some of the photographs of wagons in the yards - quite an interesting variety - some of my earliest photographs.
Goods shed Staines CentralMaunsell officeInner up signal StainesOuter up signal StainesT4538S road trailerUnidentified road trailer3T 1115 S road trailer5 M.W. S M NCL road trailer8TL50985D S-D49 road trailer10T 4511 road trailerD6527 (later 33110) at Staines Central 1966D6527  (later 33110) at Staines Central 1966D6529 (later 33112) at Staines Central 67.09.0121 70 214 057-7 = GB786930 FERRY VAN @ Staines Central 69-02-27 � Paul Bartlett w21_70_214_0_265-6_B787213__m_6162 Class A short buffer @ Staines Central 69-03-23 � Paul Bartlett wB450737__m_B453227 LOWFITDB483709_drop__m_

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