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BR converted small numbers of some vacuum braked wagons to air brake for the Network in about 1970. They converted at least 11 of the Standard vans which are illustrated in their later revenue use and in departmental use. An interesting conversion for a model - detail photos included.
ADB778246 ZRBADB778331 ZRBB780046 VVV (sic)ADB780575 ZRB [2]ADB780575 ZRB [3]ADB780575 ZRBADB781007 ZRB [2]ADB781007 ZRBB781375 VBB [2]B781375 VBB [3]B781375 VBBB781375 ax boxB781375 brake linksB781375 leverB781375 V hangB781375 endADB781375 ZRBADB781479 ZRBADB781595 ZRB [2]ADB781595 ZRB

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