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Steel mineral wagons were increasingly introduced from the later 1920s and this collection has a few much later in their lives. They varied in types of doors fitted etc. and some were rebuilt by BR to simplify repair. A history of these wagons is included in Fidczuk, Peter. (1991) The 16ton steel mineral wagon, part one Prewar and wartime designs. Modellers Backtrack vol. 1 (part 3) pp 124 - 133
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BSC 2 [1]BSC 2 [2]BSC 3 [1]BSC 3 [2]BSC 3 [3]Goodyear Tyres A1P24453 BSC 4P24453 BSC 4 [2]P24453 BSC 4 [3]P24453 BSC 4 [4]P24453 BSC 4 [5]P24453 BSC 4 [6]P24453 BSC 4 [7]P24453 BSC 4 [8]P34667 BSC 5P66288 [1]P66288 [2]P66288 [3]P148144 BSC 21B1 Small steel mineral Internal user @ Mostyn Docks 81-06-27 © Paul Bartlett [1w]

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