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STS-CAIB operated a fleet of TUA tank wagons carrying varying chemicals Isopropanol, Acetone Acetic acid, ethyl acetate, ethanol & Acetone. They all had stainless steel external lagging but age and builders varied. Some had suspension upgraded. Collection includes detail photographs.
STS53092 AceticSTS53093 Acetic acidSTS53093 TTA Isopropanol Diag TT080B [Procor 1975] @ Mossend 84-05-28 © Paul Bartlett wSTS53095 TTA 31½T  Acetic acid Tare 13-462kg Diag TT080B [Procor 1975] @ Port Clarence 88-09-23 © Paul Bartlett wSTS53098 EthanolSTS53098 TTA Ethanol Diag TT080B [Procor 1975] @ Ripple Lane 87-05-30 © Paul Bartlett wSTS53099 EthanolSTS53099 lt endSTS53099 side ltSTS53099 side centreSTS53099 side rt centSTS53099 side rtSTS53099 rt endSTS53099 dischargeSTS53099 UF rtSTS53101 TUA (sic) 31.4t Acetic acid tare 13-600kg Diag TT080B [Procor 1975] @ Briton Ferry 92-08-19 © Paul Bartlett wSTS53101 TUA AceticSTS53105 AceticSTS53105 TTA Acetic acid Diag TT080B @ Radstock  Marcrofts wagon works 82-04-10 © Paul Bartlett wSTS53303 Acetone 2

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