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Eighteen tanks for china clay slurry were introduced in 1966 operating as the ‘Clayliner’ from Cornwall to the Bowaters paper manufacturer near Sittingbourne, two more were added in 1971.
STS Bowater 4-wheel Clayliner tank wagons 67-02-23 © Paul Bartlett collection BRWR C49815-11   WSTS Bowater 4-wheel Clayliner tank wagons loading 67-02-23 © Paul Bartlett collection BRWR C49815-8 wBowaters Clayliner loading © ECC Group no. 6071 Paul Bartlett collection w1025 (to become STS53125 Bowaters Clayliner [Diag TT039B Regd BRSc 3163A Rootes Pressing 1966] © ECC Group no. 6070 Paul Bartlett collection wSTS53112 TTASTS53113 TTA [0]STS53113 TTASTS53115 TTASTS53118STS53121 TTASTS53124STS53124 TTASTS53124 TTA [1]STS53124 TTA [10]STS53124 TTA ex STS1024 Bowaters Clayliner Diag TT039B Regd BRSc 3162A 1966 @ Hoo Junction 85-10-12 © Paul Bartlett wSTS53128 TTASTS53129 TTA [1]STS53129 TTA [2]STS53129 TTA [20]STS53129 TTA [3]

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