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After the Shell Mex BP fleet was split, Shell UK received air braked tank wagons built in the later 1960s by Powell Duffryn, Chas Roberts and Metro Cammell. These had flame tube to heat the bitumen to assist unloading. Initially with double link suspension, during the 1980s many were re-equipped with Bruninghaus suspension
Diagram 6-200SUKO61101=SMBP9366 TTA [2]SUKO61101=SMBP9366 [1]SUKO61107=SMBP9372SUKO61114=SMBP9379SMBP9394SUKO61137=SMBP9402SUKO61148=SMBP9413SUKO61149=SMBP9413SUKO61200=SMBP9425SUKO61201=SMBP9426 TTASUKO61205=SMBP9430SMBP9434SUKO61214=SMBP9439SUKO61234=SMBP9459 TTASUKO61506=SMBP9493 CUTBACKSUKO61519=SMBP9506 TTASUKO61521=SMBP9508SMBP9510SUKO61525=SMBP9512

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