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Further examples of ex SMBP Class B tanks in the SUKO & BPO fleets these built by Powell Duffryn in 1966 & Pickering. New Bruninghaus suspension supplied in early 1980s. Includes two BPO Lubricant Producer Ltd.
SUKO65618 = SMBP3432SUKO65619 = SMBP3483 45t GLW Class B Kerosene air brake Bruninghaus Design code TT088N BRW 330 Powell Duffryn 1966 @ Shellhaven 92-04-11 © Paul Bartlett WSUKO65621 = SMBP3436SUKO65627 = SMBP3444SUKO65634= SMBP3460SUKO65634 repair padSUKO65634 left endSUKO65634 left centreSUKO65634 right centreSUKO65634 right endSUKO65634 endSUKO65640 = SMBP3468SUKO65642 = SMBP3472SUKO65643 = SMBP3473SUKO65647 = SMBP3482SUKO65648= SMBP3483SUKO65651= SMBP3490SUKO65653= SMBP3493SUKO65688 = SMBP3501SUKO65700 = SMBP3503

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Graham Beare(non-registered)
The text at the top of the contents page says "Pickering"... the caption to each photo says "Powell Duffryn". SMBP wagon numbers are not in the series built by Pickering (as per tank wagon articles (part 6 - 45Tglw) in Model Rail circa 1992).
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