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In 1960, following on from the Esso example, Regent introduced Class B tank wagons to similar design, 92 built by Chas Roberts and 50 by Powell Duffryn. Later some had the tanks lagged. Texaco acquired Regent and they lasted until the mid 1980s, possibly the last fleet of this design continuing to operate.
Tex47779 Regent 329Tex47781Tex47783 Regent 338Tex47790 Regent 340Tex47794Tex47805 Tank wagon  @ Cardiff Docks 80-09-10 � Paul Bartlett wTex47806Tex47815 Regent 365Tex47820 Regent 370Tex47823Regent 375Tex47825 Regent 375Tex47827Tex47830Tex47837Tex47840Regent 404Tex47854 Regent 404Tex47859Tex47870

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