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Tiphook obtained 3 series of 'freightliner' container carrying flat wagons in the late 1980s, two newly constructed in Finland, the others using redundant bogie tank wagon frames and bogies. Collection includes various containers and some used as bolster wagons.
TIPH93245 KFATIPH93245 PFA 82t GLW 20M Beamcarrier Diag JJ047B Rautaruukki, Oulu, Finland 1987 @ Tyne Yard 88-04-12 © Paul Bartlett wTIPH93247 PFATIPH93248 KFATIPH93254 PFATIPH93257 KFATIPH93257 PFATIPH93258 PFATIPH93259 PFATIPH93260 PFATIPH93261 PFATIPH93268 KFATIPH93269 PFATIPH93273 PFASCAN0419 Tiphook document from Paul BartlettSCAN0420 Tiphook document from Paul BartlettSCAN0422 Tiphook document from Paul BartlettSCAN0423 Tiphook document from Paul BartlettTIPH93285 PFA [1]TIPH93285 PFA [2]

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