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The collection illustrates various wagons used by T & W. These include all three of the ex Southern Railway Walrus bogie ballast hoppers are illustrated. TOPS code TWT15100 - 102. The original numbers are given with each photograph. They were rebogied (new bogies) and updated with air braking reportedly in 1978. Also flat wagons with various bodies in the series TWT95450 - 61 and also MA50 - 1.
MA50MA50 & MA51MA51TWT15100 (MA21) ex SR WalrusTWT15101 (MA22) ex SR WalrusTWT15102 (MA23) ex SR WalrusTWT95452 (MA3) PFATWT95454 (MA5) PFATWT95455 (MA6) PFATWT95457 (MA8) PFATWT95459 (MA10) PFA

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