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The Cov CD were built between 1971 - 4 mainly for use in Metal Box traffic from Trostre BSC, Llanelli. Restricted to only central doors meant access was poor and when MB traffic was lost many of the vans were used by the engineers. Others (not included here) were converted.
200325 VCA200327 VCA200328_FPA_ex_VCA__m_200330 VCADC200333 ZRA200342 FPA @ Whitemoor 88-05-14 © Paul Bartlett w200349 FPA Russell @ Whitemoor 88-11-05 © Paul Bartlett w200353 VCA200359 VCA early200359 VCA200363_FPA_ex_VCA__m_200364 VCA @ Cricklewood 89-04-15 © Paul Bartlett w200364 VCA200366 VCA @ Llandeillo Junction 80-09-12 © Paul Bartlett w200367 VCA @ Llandeillo Junction 80-09-12 © Paul Bartlett wLDC200370 ZYA @ York Leeman Road 88-02-20 © Paul Bartlett w200374 VCA @ Llandeillo Junction 80-09-12 © Paul Bartlett wKDC200374 ZRA200385 FPA @ Mossend 90-07-22 © Paul Bartlett w200386 VCA @ Edge Hill 79-10-28 © Paul Bartlett w

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