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Metro-Cammell built 6 batches of the small Catfish ballast hopper wagons for BR between 1954 and 1961, totalling 716. From this collection they would appear to have been restricted to the LMR, ER and NER.
Catfish @ Elstree &  Borehamwood 67-05-31 © Paul Bartlett wDB983405 ZSV @ York Leeman Road 95-01-01 © Paul Bartlett wDB983466 ZEV CATFISHDB983473 ZEV CATFISHDB983488DB983497 ZEVDB983498DB983503 ZEV [1]DB983503 ZEVDB983512 CATFISHDB983540 CATFISHDB983547 ZEV CATFISHDB983565 CATFISH [1]DB983565 ZEV CATFISH VBDB983629 ZEVDB983633 ZEV @ Brent Sidings 80-02-16 © Paul Bartlett wDB983645 CATFISHDB983672 CATFISH @ Hitchin 75-06-08 © Paul Bartlett wDB983712 ZEV 19.5t CATFISH GR Marcrofts 3.94 Tare 9-480kg Diag 1-586 Lot 3331 Metro-Cammell 1960 @ Longport Junct. 94-06-05 © Paul Bartlett wDB983727 CATFISH VB @ Chester C&W 80-08-17 � Paul Bartlett w

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