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A selection of the 1249 Dogfish Ballast hoppers , includes disproportionally some of the reportedly 221 extended to carry lighter slag. In 4mm Cambrian kit and Heljan RTR available. Heljan have a 7mm RTR model
DB983000 DOGFISH © Paul Bartlett Collection CR4586DB983002 ZFV DOGFISH @ Toton 86-09-20 © Paul Bartlett WDB983021 ZFV DOGFISHDB983032 ZFV DOGFISHDB983037 ZFV DOGFISHDB983038 ZFV DOGFISHDB983044 ZFV DOGFISHDB983050 DOGFISHDB983053 DOGFISHDB983085 ZFV DOGFISHDB983094 ZFV SlagDB983098 ZFV DOGFISH @ Radyr 85-04-13 © Paul Bartlett wDB983098 ZFV SLAGDB983123 ZFV DOGFISH @ Exeter Riverside 81-09-02 © Paul Bartlett wDB983124 ZFVDB983129 DOGFISHDB983132 ZFV DOGFISH  @ Exeter Riverside 82-07-26 © Paul Bartlett wDB983135 ZFV DOGFISHDB983149 24,5T DOGFISH Ew EMPTY TO MACHEN Tare 11-240kg Diag 1-587 Lot 2939 Chas Roberts 1957 @ Chepstow 77-07-05 © Paul Bartlett wDB983164 DOGFISH @ Whitland 78-05-30 © Paul Bartlett W

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