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BR built a single batch of 90 of the last type of LNER Dolphin. They were a universal design, suitable for rail, ballast and other materials. The collection includes a detail photograph set and conversions with sides removed, ends cut down and the Molex drain train. The Sturgeon replaced the design.
DB994003 DOLPHINDB994007 YAODB994012 bogieDB994012DB994020DB994021 DolphinDB994025 = 024391 DolphinDB994028DB994030 = 024392 Dolphin,DB994032 YAO [1]DB994032 YAO [02]DB994032 YAO [03]DB994032 YAO [04]DB994032 YAO [05]DB994032 YAO [06]DB994032 YAO [07]DB994032 YAO [08]DB994033 DOLPHIN [1]DB994033 DOLPHIN [2]DB994033 DOLPHIN

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