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BR Salmons are 62ft. long to carry rail, rail panels etc. and have varying features. This collection is of those on a GWR style 5ft. wb bogie and includes detail photos and some adapted by the engineers, for example for viaduct inspection. A 4mm kit is available from Cambrian. Those used as rail cranes are in a separate collection.
DB996102 SALMONDB996103 SALMONDB996107 YMODB996110 SALMON @ Wellingborough 75-10-12 © Paul Bartlett wDB996111 YMO LMS design Salmon @ Ebbw Junction 80-09-09 � Paul Bartlett wDB996114 YFADB996126 YMODB996127 Lot 2363 Head Wrightson  @ Leuchars Junction 77-08-28 © Paul Bartlett wDB996135 YMO ShuteDB996145 YMODB996145 YMODB996188 Salmon @ Wellingborough 75-10-12 © Paul Bartlett wDB996221 YMODB996224 CraneDB996227 SALMON Track laying @ Warrington Central 80-08-16 � Paul Bartlett wDB996241 Salmon @ Harpenden 79-05-06 © Paul Bartlett wDB996244 CraneDB996248 YMO Salmon @ Lowestoft 80-08-10 � Paul Bartlett wDB996249 YMODB996251 Crane

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