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Introduce in 1970 a BR version of the SR Walrus with a bolt construction, a few were Seacow from new (only Airbraked). Very varied liveries, apparently very dark olive green when new. Bachmann produce a RTR model.
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DB982460_YGB__m_DB982482_YGH__m_DB982487_YGH__m_DB982491_YGX_WALRUS__m_DB982506_SEA_LION__m_DB982507_YGH__m_DB982509_YGX__m_DB982519_YGX__m_DB982520_SEA_LION__m_DB982522_SEA_LION__m_DB982532_YGH_SEA_LION__m_DB982542_SEA_COW__1m_ Staines 76-06-27DB982542_SEA_COW__m_Staines 76-06-27DB982549_YGB_SEACOW__m_Hoo Junction 86-12-06DB982579_YGH_SEA-LION__m_DB982580_YGH_SEALION__m_DB982581_SEALION__m_DB982583_SEA_LION__m_DB982586_SEA_LION__1m_DB982586_SEA_LION__2m_

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