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Fifty of the Southern Region design of bogie ballast hopper wagon were built for BR in 1954 by Metro Cammell and allocated diagram 1/585. The collection includes detailed photographs, including the internal bottom door mechanism.
DB992486 Walrus @ Derby Works 76-08-14 © Paul Bartlett wDB992503 WalrusDB992515 WalrusDB992528 Walrus YGV 40.5t BR Walrus bogie ballast hopper tare 21-000kg Diag 1-585 lot 2411 Metro Cammell 1954 @ York Leeman Rd 85-08-20 © Paul Bartlett wDB992530 WalrusDB992530 Walrus generalDB992530 Walrus endDB992530 Walrus end 2DB992530 Walrus side endDB992530 Walrus side leftDB992530 Walrus YGVDB992530 Walrus YGV [2]DB992530 Walrus YGV [3]DB992530 Walrus YGV [4]DB992530 YGV Walrus ballast hopper Diag1-585 Lot 2411 Metro Cammel 1954 @ York Leeman Rd 85-08-28 © Paul Bartlett wDB992530 Walrus YGV [6]

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