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Clams and Rudds were both introduced in 1989 for ballast, spoil and sleepers. They had new bodies on underframes reclaimed from hopper wagons. They differed in that the Clams had fixed sides and ends and retained vacuum brake whereas the Rudds were similar to the older Tunny with 3 drop doors in the side but had air braking.
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DB972000_Rudd__m_DB972005_Rudd__m_DB972139_Rudd__m_DB972467_Rudd__m_DB972688_Rudd__m_DB973174_Clam__m_DB973222_Clam__m_DB973348_Clam__m_DB986946 ZBA 20.5t RUDD Convert Doncaster 12.7.88 Repaint 26.4.90 Tare 09-000kg ex Lot 2780 Gloucester RCW 1956 @ Radyr 90-09-30 © Paul Bartlett w

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