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Introduced in 1981 to carry and distribute ballast, building was transferred from Shildon to Ashford, with a change in lettering style. Most in collection pre 1990. These had welded bodies, an earlier rivetted version exists. Model in 4mm by Hornby.
DB980002 YGB SEACOW bwDB980002 YGB SEACOWDB980002 YGB bogieDB980023 YGB SEACOWDB980041 SeacowDB980046 YGB SEACOWDB980049 YGB SEACOWDB980062 YGB SEACOWDB980074 YGB SEACOWDB980092 YGB SEACOWDB980096 YGB SEACOWDB980097 YGB SEACOWDB980100 YGB SEACOWDB980106 YGB SEACOWDB980121 YGB SEACOWDB980126 YGB SEACOWDB980127 YGB SEACOWDB980128 YGB SEACOW @ Ebbw Junction 81-09-04 � Paul Bartlett wDB980129 YGB SEACOWDB980131 YGB SEACOW

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