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BR operated a weedkiller train, in addition to those of Fisons and Chipmans which have their own collections.
Details of the development of these trains at
DB975379 @ Peterborough 87-08-14 � Paul Bartlett wDB975379 QPV MESS & LIVING VAN C.C.E.DEPARTMENT EASTERN REGION @ York Leeman Road 84-09-15 � Paul Bartlett WDB977015 [Weed Killing train stores van] @ York Leeman Road 87-06-04 � Paul Bartlett wDB977016 [Weed Killing train stores van] @ York Leeman Road 87-06-04 � Paul Bartlett wDB977229 QVV ER WEEDKILLING SPRAY COACH  @ York Leeman Road 87-06-04 � Paul Bartlett wDB998955 WEED KILLING TRAIN @ York Skelton 78-04-09 © Paul Bartlett WDB998957 WEED KILLING TRAIN @ York Skelton 78-04-09 © Paul Bartlett WDB999035 ZRV [1]DB999035 ZRVDB999036DB999037 [1]DB999037DB999038DE320946 QPV [4]DE320946 QPV [5]DE320946 [1]DE320946 [2]DE320946 [3]DE320946 [4]DE320946 [5]

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Paul Bartlett's Photographs
Sorry but this batch were from Regent tanks. I have given all of the running number and registration details as on the original wagons when photographed.
The wagons you mention were the previous conversion, photographs of two of them at York are here
J. M. Wild(non-registered)
Are you certain that the tank wagons are ex-Texaco? As the engineer responsible for the conversion of these wagons and the installation of the weedkilling equipment in the coach I can tell you that the wagons had been used for the transport of creosote from the manufacturer to the BR sleeper creosoting depot at West Hartlepool and at the time of conversion (Winter 1964/65) were owned by BR. I know this because the accountants made only a notional charge for the transfer of the wagons from one part of the Chief Civil Engineer's organisation to another and when they arrived in York for conversion I cannot recall any Texaco branding (although such branding may have been covered in creosote).
Apart from this I'm fascinated to see that the train was apparently still in use in 1984. I never imagined that it would still be working 20 years after conversion.
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